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AKC Dog Clubs

Have you ever wondered if your tax consultant really understands what dog clubs do and how they are run? If so consider this, are you filing under the correct tax code, are your revenues and expenses classified correctly on your tax returns?

We know that providing knowledgeable tax preparation services to dog clubs is hard to find. However, here is the good news:

  • We have an understanding of what dog clubs do, how they work and how accounting practices are handled.
  • Our staff has served on the board of specialty, all breed and performance dog clubs as treasurer, vice president, secretary and other various chair positions.
  • We have helped dog clubs file for and retain their non-profit status with IRS required reporting.
  • We have over 30 years of combined knowledge in accounting and tax experience.


Another service we provide is ballot tabulation. This may include but is not limited to board elections, constitution or breed standard changes, specialty judge selection, or any issue where impartiality is important. If your club is doing a mail in vote on a controversial issue and you do not feel comfortable having the results tabulated by a club member, we can help.